Bing integrates Custom Audiences with Oracle DMP

Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) has been integrated with Bing Ads Custom Audiences. According to Bing, this allows advertisers to use their first-party data through the Oracle DMP to reach Bing users.

This is only possible via the Custom Audiences, that are based on own customer data. CRM data can be imported into the Oracle DMP and execute search campaigns with Bing. Segments such as top spenders, recent purchasers, duration of customer membership can be used on the Bing Search campaigns. Advertisers can create ads and bid higher on the custom audiences.

“Savvy marketers know that first-party data can be vital to successful search campaigns, allowing you to target top spenders or increase bids aimed at your best customers. Onboarding first-party data into the Oracle DMP with Oracle OnRamp offers marketers the ability to integrate the data they want to use into their Bing Ads campaigns,” said Joe Zito, Vice President/GM Oracle DMP Strategy.

Bing Ads Custom Audiences was launched in July 2017, but at the time, the integration was limited to Adobe Audience Manager. Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) is the second integration.