CallTrackingMetrics integrated on Offline Conversions from Bing

CallTrackingMetrics released this month an integration with Bing allowing marketers to capture call attribution data for Bing generated offline conversions. This announcement comes immediately after Bing’s new Offline Conversion Import capability also this month.

As the first call tracking platform to support Bing Ads new Offline Conversion feature, CallTrackingMetrics now has the ability to send session and conversion data from phone calls directly into Bing. This integration simplifies the user experience by automatically connecting conversions back to the specific search ads that users interacted with along the way, allowing for a highly detailed picture of customer behaviors—both online and offline.

“For years, our clients have been requesting a complete Bing integration which would allow CallTrackingMetrics to send session and conversion data directly into the Bing Ads platform. We’ve been working with Bing to make this feature available to our customers, and I am happy to say that it’s finally here”, states Todd Fisher, CEO of CallTrackingMetrics.

Call-tracking systems (CTS) can now interoperate directly with Bing Ads and import call conversion data through the Offline Conversion Import tool and related set of APIs.