MFour Mobile Research Joins DPAA

DPAA announced this week that MFour Mobile Research has joined the association. According to DPAA, MFour pioneered in-app mobile research in 2011, when it introduced its Surveys On The Go® app as an alternative to online surveys that had become increasingly unreliable and out of touch with mobile consumers. App-using consumers are rewarded with a seamless survey experience that elicits quality feedback, and researchers achieve more accurate, timely and vivid insights thanks to uniquely mobile features such as the nationwide GPS location tracking that powers MFour’s OOH measurement research.

“We observe opted-in consumers’ location journeys in real time, then we help clients survey them soon after an ad exposure or after any other relevant experience,” said Chris St. Hilaire, MFour’s CEO and co-founder. “What we can do is extremely helpful to digital out-of-home advertisers and others in the OOH space. We are honored to be joining DPAA, and look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with our fellow members.”

MFour clients can engage in automated DIY research, or opt for full-service custom projects that extend from survey design through data analysis and reporting.

Its latest innovation is Path-2-Purchase™ Platform, a first-party data resource that enables brands and advertisers to see exactly where real consumers are right now, and where they’ve gone in the past. Path-2-Purchase™ users can field real-time, location-based surveys to capture motivations and emotions of carefully profiled and accurately targeted consumer audiences at any point in the purchase cycle, including at the Point of Emotion® where buying decisions are made.

Barry Frey, DPAA President & CEO, said, “MFour Mobile Research is at the heart of why advertising on digital out-of-home media is growing so rapidly. Our ability to marry real-time data with screens that engage on-the-go consumers is an ideal blend for marketers seeking consumer insights and the ability to impact purchase behavior.”