Adwords login

To use Google Adwords you will need to create a Google Account. That doesn´t mean you need to create a Gmail. You can use your normal email account or your company email account. For that, you need first to create a Google Account without Gmail. If you already use a Gmail, you already have a […]


CPI in online advertisement means Cost Per Install. Is a metric used to calculate the cost advertisers have for each App installed by the users who saw or who click in an Ad. CPI is one of the most popular metrics in the APP world as it allows advertiser calculate and compare different traffic sources, […]


A cookie is a small piece of information that the browser writes on the device (computer, mobile, tablet, smart screen, etc) of the user. There are first party cookies or third party cookies. First party cookies are the ones that belong directly to the website you are browsing. If you visit, all the cookies […]


Ad Server is the server that does the ad serving. It can belong to the publisher or to the advertiser. In Supply (Publisher) and in Demand (Advertiser), the Adserver does the same. For both, the adserver will measure the impressions, clicks, errors. If connected to RTB, the matches, bid requests, and other metrics. Altought they […]


Blacklist is a list of websites or a list of inventory sources that advertisers use to not target. It is exactly the opposite of a Whitelist. With a Blacklist you run a campaign everywhere except in the placements listed in a list. In a Whitelist you will only bid on the placements inside the list. […]


Whitelist for advertisers is a list of websites that will be targeted by their ads. The opposite of this concept is the blacklist. Publishers also have a whitelist, but for them, the whitelist means the advertisers that the allow to bid on their inventory. Blacklists are more used in advertising and in publishing. With whitelists […]

Animated GIF

An animated image combines multiple images in one file. The result is a animated gif, displayed sequentially, giving the appearance of movement. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is one of the oldest image file types, introduced by CompuServe in 1987. It was very widespread on web as the image file type who can give the feeling […]

Trading Desk

Trading Desk is a centralized, service-based organization that serves as a managed service layer, typically between a demand-side platform (DSP) or other audience buying technologies, and an agency. The Trading Desk uses data from an audience (first party or third party), from the ad exchanges and from the ad server. With all the data collected […]