Sizmek appoints Nikos Acuña as Chief Visionary

Sizmek announced this week the appointment of Nikos Acuña, formerly the Managing Director of Sizmek Innovation and Media Lab, to the newly created position of Chief Visionary, reporting directly into Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek.

This news comes following Sizmek’s 2017 acquisition of Rocket Fuel, and its more recent announcement for total transparency—to empower and differentiate agencies and advertisers. According to Sizmek, Acuña will serve as Sizmek’s lead evangelist, educating the market on emerging trends at the intersection of data, technology and customer experiences, while helping agencies and their clients develop innovative strategies to impact their business.

“Sizmek is dedicated to redefining the way brands connect with audiences. It’s more evident than ever by the way they bring data, creative, and media together for optimal campaign performance across the entire customer journey,” said Nikos Acuña, Chief Visionary at Sizmek. “I look forward to supporting Sizmek’s tradition of innovation, by identifying the forces that propel our industry forward. My focus will be on catalyzing growth and inspiring the next generation of industry leaders.”

Acuña is launching a bi-weekly video series called Symbiosis. In the spirit of Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe, Symbiosis explores innovation at the intersection of data, technology, and experiences through a portrait of a postmodern futurist. The first episode launched this week:

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