SpotPlan will have attribution and insights based on Foursquare data

iHeartMedia, Jelli, and Foursquare last week announced the future launch of a new attribution product for broadcast radio that will offer marketers a combination of iHeartMedia’s reach and Jelli’s programmatic buying capabilities, with the attribution and insights tools from location technology company Foursquare.

“By leveraging Jelli’s API and pairing the real-time data provided by our supply-side platform, RadioSpot, with Foursquare’s location platform, iHeartMedia can provide advertisers with a new level of campaign intelligence and attribution. We are excited that Jelli’s platform is powering iHeartMedia and Foursquare’s partnership, delivering advertisers enhanced campaign and audience analytics and demonstrating the power of radio.”

Michael Dougherty, co-founder and CEO of Jelli

iHeartMedia said has invested in Jelli’s programmatic platform to make the purchase of data-driven radio campaigns as easy as digital, and now with the addition of Foursquare, more in-depth campaign measurement and real-world attribution data is available to advertisers who buy via Jelli’s demand-side platform SpotPlan.

This new attribution capability will leverage Foursquare’s location platform to measure the impact of a broadcast radio campaign purchased through SpotPlan, and its effectiveness in driving consumers to actual brick and mortar destinations. The Foursquare Attribution product, currently used by more than 250 industry-leading advertisers, publishers and platforms, uses machine learning techniques to measure the true impact of an ad on real-world visits.

“Our latest measurement innovations, driven by advancements in machine learning and rooted in our first-party data, is what sets Foursquare Attribution apart. We’re proud that iHeartMedia selected Foursquare as the company’s measurement partner, working in concert with Jelli’s API. This is just the beginning of what we can do together. iHeartMedia is also committed to a test phase with our Pilgrim SDK, which will give them even stronger analytics on audiences and foot traffic trends.”

Peter Krasniqi, Foursquare’s Vice President of Global Enterprise and Business Development