YouTube Shorts Ads

YouTube Shorts Ads
YouTube Shorts Ads

YouTube Shorts Ads are video or image ads that appear between organic YouTube Shorts videos in the Shorts Feed. Ads on Shorts are immediately swipeable.

YouTube Shorts were introduced in September 202o, and Shorts Ads were launched last year, in May 2022.

YouTube Shorts Ads are a new advertising format that allows brands to reach a wider audience on the video-sharing platform. They are short, vertical video ads that appear between other Shorts videos in the Shorts Feed.


YouTube Shorts Ads

In November this year, Google made available YouTube Shorts Ads in DV360, also via YouTube Select Shorts. YouTube Shorts Ads are available as well in Google Ads.

YouTube Shorts are mainly running on mobile, but also on CTV and other devices. Google pays creators for YouTube Shorts based on the video views.

Google enabled this month verification providers on Shorts like Doubleverify.

Google offers a diverse range of five YouTube ad formats to cater to various marketing goals, including skippable in-stream, bumper, non-skippable in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts.

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